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Angry and mad

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On Saturday, my school conducted a mini-marathon, part of the school sports program. I came wearing my school T-shirt and a pair of shorts, approximately 5 inches from my knee. In the end, I reached 3rd place in my form.

And my teachers had the galls to tell me I can't go up and receive my prize if I do not wear a pair of tracks which covered my legs.

Why is that so? Why don't I have the right to wear what I want? It wasn't like I was going to kill somebody with my bare legs! It really pissed me off that I was told what to wear and what not to wear. We're not talking about casual clothes. We're talking about sports wear. The administrators are all Muslims, but because they are Muslims, i don't believe they have the right to enforce their belief on me, or anybody else. This does not, contrary to their belief, build unity. It causes anger and hatred which will create boundaries among races.

I'm glad that I didn't stand any crap from them, and went up to take my prize in exactly what I was wearing. None of my Muslim friends made a deal out of it. So if it doesn't offend the majority of people, then all I want to say is "What were they thinking when they told me such nonsense???"

I regret giving in when my teachers told me to wear tracks for the next meet. I would like some advice on how to deal with this situation, as I believe that this is a major issue and should be tackled immediately. I love my school, and I love my friends. We are all from different races. I want to see my juniors growing up, and understanding their culture and realize that because they are different, it doesn't make them scary or freaks. But I don't want to see the school being divided because of such issues.

It's not just about clothes. It's about the boundaries they are testing with it. I'm afraid if I don't take a stand now, things will escalate into greater and more offending heights. I can't stand at the sidelines and take it anymore. I have to take a pro-active stand against this, and a pro-active stand for unity, and understand and tolerance. I believe that it is possible, I truly do. I just need to know how.
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So totally hectic. It's only the beginning of the month, and I'm already in a chaotic mess! At least in the studies department. It's quite frustrating really, having to keep up with the geniuses in my class. I only have one tuition, and even THAT tuition I'm contemplating quitting. I want to try my best, but the motivation to sit down and revise is just, NOT THERE!!! I know, I know, force myself. Discipline used to come quite naturally to me. Things have obviously changed.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was deeply encouraged by Him, my Father in Heaven. Again and again, he shows me he has blessed me with so much! Today, it was loyal friends. Some of them remembered my birthday, which was a major shocker because well... Being so early in the year, it's normally forgotten and overlooked. It was a great feeling, being remembered. And then something came to me. God remembers us each and every day. Isn't that even more amazing? I mean, non-stop, constantly, never-ending. His love is so awesome! We should be feeling constantly great! But we don't, and why is that? Because we lack personal relationship with God. With friends, you can see them, touch them, hear them. Personal and constant relationship is developed. But you can't see God. You can only feel him, through prayer and worship, and in this hectic hum-drum world, how many of us have the time to do that? Or even bother with doing that? That's why we keep hitting lows in life, and feeling incomprehensibly lonely. God is the only one who can completely and utterly satisfy us, and it is time the world realizes this.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I think too much. Yes, believe it or not, I think I do. I would just sit down, and think of what would happen to me after SPM. Unlike some people, I have no idea what I want to do and what God wants me to do. I keep thinking "What can I do? What should I do? Should I not do this?", and generally exhausting myself from thinking (it could be a form of procrastination because I'm waaayyyy too lazy to study, but let's pretend it's not, shall we? Shhhh....). This is the rest of my life we're talking about! At least for most people, it's the rest of their lives. I don't want to get stuck in a job where I'm not happy, or worse, work 9-5. I just don't want to do office work! But then what's there left for me? And each and every time I think about this, I get so discouraged because God is not sending me clues or hints as to what I should do. After which God will speak to me and tell me "Why are you so worried? I already have things laid out for you, so just do what you have to do for now and I will show you the way. Now go and study!". Yea... Humans worry WAY too much!

Another thing I would like to point out is how ignorant Malaysians are. On my birthday, my parents took me out for dinner. So while I was waiting for my parents to finish (an hour later...) a couple of Indian guys came out to take some food. So what la, right? They already paid, so they're just having dessert or whatever. And then 2 Chinese kids started pointing. I mean quite literally, POINTING at them! They weren't pointing at the ice cream box, or the ice machine. They were pointing at them! I mean, while they were walking their hands followed, and they didn't care that the guys looked right back at them. Then they started making fun of them, quite loudly too I might add. And whose fault is this? Let me give you a hint. Their mother was there, staring at them, not doing a single thing. What??!!! I mean, teach your kids some manners for goodness sake! It's just too disgusting. Come on... The Chinese race is not superior to Indians or Malays. In the end, we're all equal! I can't stand the Chinese racist mentality. Why do you think I discourage Chinese schools? When they go for secondary school, they get a MAJOR culture shock, because they're now sitting together with non-Chinese! -gasp- "Mummy, mummy, today I sat beside a guy who has skin colour 2 shades darker than mine!" "Oh dear, I guess we'll have to change you to a school where only sickly pale looking people go to". Just, no. Do you guys WANT to start a civil war??? This just goes to show how much Malaysians lack love. Because with love comes acceptance! And I'm not talking about those mushy mushy boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they go on a date and come back telling each other how madly in love they are with each other through SMS. No, I'm talking about the divine love of the Father. He accepts all of us for who we are. He doesn't even CARE about the colour of our skin. Or that we have no legs. Or mentally disabled. He loves us for who we are, and nothing else matters.

God's love truly is unconditional. Alrighty then, I should go and do my biology notes which my teacher wanted last week. I sure am getting better at this procrastination thing!
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It's been so long since I felt so confused. This year, all I've had was a dry spell from God, and his presence. Then I went for a camp, and there God sent someone to draw me back into his path. And now, He wants me to manage the church's practically non-existent youth fellowship. Ahahahaha.... -feels energy and self confidence draining-

If it's His work, I'll do it. But it's scary. It's so very scary. I know I should leave things in His hands and do as he tells me to, but you know... Humans are imperfect beings who think too much. Take Raito for example! Don't worry, I'm not a psychopath killer with a handy death note. But doubt goes to your head, and well... It's gonna be hard. I pray to God about it, to give me the courage and strength to do this.

Not only that, but the Children's ministry too. I'll do it all for Him, and I pray that I will NOT let it all get to my head. It's so easy to take all the glory for myself, and forget who is the one doing all the real work around here!

As I continue to pray about it, sometimes I wonder how other people cope when placed in a similar situation. And then I realize, God is amazing because when you think about it, he helps so many people through this and those who put their trust in him and listens to His voice, he makes them ALL work for His kingdom. His work, is probably a million times and more what the most hardworking among us do! How great is my God. :)

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Immortality, Naruto Fanfic

Title: Immortality
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Hidan, Orochimaru
Genre: General, Perhaps with a little angst thrown in.
Rating: PG-13 (Passing mentions of shonen-ai, one sided, not between the main characters)
Warning: Character from the time skip in the manga.

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I had a different, and much better, ending in mind. And then, I lost the idea. Grrr......
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Where one's priority lies (A naruto ficlet)

Hehe, I did this during my Additional Mathemathics finals, after I had nothing to do. This fic was just lying around in my piles of paper and I just found it. =P Anyway, this ficlet is pretty much about the fourth Kazekage, and his thoughts on his family and his duty to his village. Or something like that!

Title: Where One's Priority Lies
Rating: G
Genre: General
Characters: The narrator would be the fourth kazekage, with mentions of Temari, Kankurou, and Gaara.

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On the 3 O'Clock News

Title: On the 3 O'Clock News
Pairing/Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, Unohana Retsu (Passing mentions of Zaraki and Yachiru)
Fandom: Bleach
Genre: General
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Bleach would be butchered in my hands. Be grateful...

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Health Supplements (Theme #28, Wada Calcium CD3)

Title: Health Supplements
Author/Artist: xxept0
Pairing: Zaraki Kenpachi/Unohana Retsu
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #28
Disclaimer: Yea it's mine. And so is Microsoft.

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Argh!! -pulls at hair- I can't get their characterization right. Know how many times I wrote, re-wrote, and then started from scratch all over again?! -cries- It was so perfect in my head. Dammit all.. <_<
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Chrissy is tired... -phew- 2 straight days of cleaning Eyeshield21, with the not so best raw out there. I mean, it came in 550x800 images!!! I nearly died when I saw the size. ='( None the less, I persevered!!! And I cleaned it. :D For anyone who actually READS my journal (is doubtful but someone might stumble onto it through Google!! I'm hopeful. ^_^)

200th Down MQ-LQ

Argh... And so you figured huh... As I cleaned, I did not do one ounce of studying. Seriously, I can't seem to buckle down and do some studying! I get distracted too easily... Ooh, pretty butterfly!!! *ahem* Right, distracted... -sigh- I need motivation. Somehow an N-91 handphone just doesn't seem to get me going. :( I don't know why.... It should, shouldn't it????!!!!!

I mean, it's not like I hate studying. To be frank, I don't mind it very much. If I make up my mind, it can actually enjoy it!! But the internet is sooo alluring. Am I an addict? I reckon so... But I won't admit it in public! -sigh- Not to mention that my finals are coming up in oh, 3 weeks time!!! Chrissy is scared she'll be stuck with a 2100 for the rest of her life...
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Another day, Another Post ^^

Arrrgghhhh!!! What is UP with today??!!! I've been down all day. -hates hormones- I can't think straight.... I WANT CHOCOLATE!!! Sadly, the chocolate supply is running low, so I'll go with junk food no problem...

Anyway, today I want to tackle the issue of ignorant people. On the way back from school, a school bus from a nearby primary school was driving in front of me. In the process, I saw 4 different non-biodegradable substances being thrown out of the window. FOUR!!!! Heelllooo???? Do you have NO self conscious?? I don't blame the kids really; They just pick it up from what they see!!! I mean, people, people! We only have one world. Where do you think these rubbish go to when it's tossed out? Do you expect it to just magically *poof* and disappear?

I mean come on. Us teens are the ones who should care most. But because they all think that they have to act "cool" and shit like that, they just don't give a damn! WHAT'S WRONG WITH CARING???!!!!!!! Can you please stop with the it doesn't matter mentality?

We only have one world. Who knows how long she'll last??!! We do not have unlimited rubbish space. Do you want our land to be one big dumping site? Soon, we'd have to resort to sending rubbish to outer space, because there's no room here on Earth! Maybe we'll use one of the neighbouring planets as a dump, eh? "Put it on Mercury, perhaps it'll melt everything!" Blegh....

Yep, I'm in my environmentalist spirit today! ^_^ It's not a bad thing though, in my opinion. People have to start giving a damn!

Anyway, 3 aspects of my life perked up today, at least. 1. Bleach came out. 2. Xxxholic 20 came out. 3. More of Inter Sexuality manga came out!

YAY!!! And tomorrow, Shounen Jump is released!!! That's like, 4 happy aspects, right there! (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Eyeshield21! ^_^) PLUS a non-crappy filler of Naruto. Hmmm.. Things are looking up as we speak. :)
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